Possible use of natural wind reducing indoor temperatures. Drugs can also be used when necessary to spray smoke to indoor air disinfection. The best way is to ensure the quality of air, keeping indoor and outdoor air circulation, thus reducing air conditioning illness. Usually 1 to 3 hours after the boot off, then open the windows to the indoor air discharge; In addition, the best room with negative oxygen ion generator to ensure indoor air quality.Fourth point:

Do not targeting baby outlet air velocity should not be too strong, and special attention not to let your baby stand under the supply outlet to avoid the cold wind blowing, because in addition to cold wind blowing on the body no good, but, most importantly, the supply outlet bacteria are often places, such as the face of supply outlet, just like the bacteria directly to the air conditioning blowing in children mouth.Weather is getting hot, home air conditioning also gradually change the chance, probably some friend's house with the baby in order to allow the baby to keep cool during the hot summer, the will turn on the early and will open the long-term use. Once your baby inhaling these substances, allergies or respiratory tract will cause coughing..Baby first entered the room after the fight air conditioning, should be the first to go off air conditioners and room temperature close to room temperature and then go out, the baby should avoid frequent access.If too long without cleaning the filter and the hair covered with debris, dust and other impurities will be blown into the room, scattered in the air.Second point: the temperature suitable for the general, air-conditioning temperature in the 25 ?28 degrees preferred.

The higher the temperature, the temperature difference can be transferred to 6-7 degrees; temperature is not too high, can be adjusted to 3-5 degree temperature difference, air-conditioned wind speed should not be too strong. The parents can be yourself.Fifth point: dehumidifying air-conditioning to make full use of the dehumidifier, it will not drop too low to room temperature, but also make people feel very comfortable.In fact many of my friends know, a long room on the body in the air conditioning was not good, then on the children,

Zhe Yang's Huanjinggengjia against them health, today, editors would Dailai the baby aluminum deep-processing Shiyongkongtiao five Zhu Yi matters, to the right to enjoy a healthy baby a comfortable air-conditioned. In the air-conditioned room, do not give your baby to wear too thin. Edit Summary: In short, to make air-conditioning fully play its role, must be reasonable use of air conditioning.The third point: time window for ventilation flow of air to prevent the propagation of pathogens. Therefore, approximately every two weeks, we will build on the air conditioning filter removed to wash with plenty of water, indoor air quality can be safeguarded.First point: Clean air conditioning air conditioning air filter Kong (membrane), is used to filter the air